It all started with a traditional training at Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham Colleges of Art.

Over the course of a long career in New York City,
I designed award winning Advertising campaigns, and illustrated books for Publishing Houses, such as Simon Schuster, Doubleday, and a classic series for the Easton Press.

During the 90’s I applied my classical training to the burgeoning demands of the digital age — as the computer became the graphic tool of choice.

So my work today reflects the influences of my traditional Art College background with all the advantages offered by the electronic workplace.

A while ago, I exchanged the brushes and paints of my youth for their electronic equivalent— in an effort to get even closer to the vision in my head at the start of every art project.

My aim is to combine the technical mastery of classical painting, with the excitement and brilliant colour of the best of modern art — with sometimes some elements of surrealism thrown in.

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